Byzantine Time Machine’s Drum sounds – From goat skin to digital

My Hybrid Darbuka Drumkit:

Byzantine Time Machine Drums

Byzantine Time Machine Drums

I made this kit for playing Middle Eastern, Balkan, Turkish, and general Mediterranean music.  Its a Hand-Drumkit, so its quieter than a regular drumset, which is great when playing along with quiet instruments like the Sandouri, (Greek dulcimer).  However, when close mic’d and processed through Ableton Live, it takes on a whole new personality, or “drumsetality.”

The 2 tamborines, or riqs, have snares which can be switched on, giving me 2 distinct, sort of “lo-fi” snare drum sounds.  The hi-hat is made of many finger cymbals facing each other.  The kick drum sounds pretty huge on its own, and there is a frame drum and 2 very thin cymbals for added color.

Here are a few videos of the live drum sounds I get when running them though various effects: delays, frequency shifter, gated reverb, resonators etc.

Good Times!!! – Byzantine Time Machine

We also apply crazy effects to a clarinet, a Greek Dulcimer, and vocals…. more on that later!


2 thoughts on “Byzantine Time Machine’s Drum sounds – From goat skin to digital

  1. Wow! Great work, your set and your sound is amazing, congratulations!
    Can I ask you a question?¿What kind of stand do you use for the darbuka?
    Greetings from Spain.

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