Currently residing in the 21st century, Byzantine Time Machine uses and abuses the latest advances in audio technology while also honoring and defying musical styles that go back to “Byzantine” times.

 As they play ancient scales and rhythms on a Greek dulcimer, Turkish clarinet, and Middle Eastern darbuka, these primal vibrations are processed through their “Time Machine” transforming them, through science and technology, into the sound of a futuristic dub orchestra from the Byzantium of an alternate universe.

Can you imagine the sound of a Middle Eastern darbuka processed digitally through a frequency shifter?  How about a Greek dulcimer with oscillating temporal flux, or a Turkish clarinet solo transformed into an earth shaking sub bass via ring-modulation.  That is the sound of Byzantine Time Machine.



George Lawler, drummer for Byzantine Time Machine


Eve Monzingo, singer, dulcimer, sax, clarinet, for Byzantine Time Machine


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George Lawler spent the last 15 years honing his skills in world percussion, touring with bands such as Lamajamal, Mucca Pazza, Occidental Brothers Dance band, Hawk and a Hacksaw, Bobby Conn, and Natacha Atlas, has now found a way to combine his percussion skills with his passion for electronic music.   His BTM drumset is a self made percussion kit consisting of frame drums, darbuka, bass drum, and cymbals, which are all close mic’d and sent to the computer’s sound card for processing.

Eve Monzingo has always gravitated towards the sounds of the Mediterranean;  Epirotan clarinet, Balkan sax, and dulcimer from the Greek islands.   She is a first call for Greek clarinet in Chicago, has played dulcimer with the Chicago Klezmer Ensemble,  sax and clarinet with Lamajamal, and Mucca Pazza, and is musical director for the Orpheus Hellenic Folklore Society.  With the help of an electronic pickup on the barrel of her clarinet, and a dual piezoelectric pickup on her sandouri (Greek dulcimer), she is now a fully interfaced cybernetic musician!